Endless arena shooter score chaser with an interesting power mechanic.  Fast and tight.

Shooting drains power which reduces the effectiveness of your weapon.

Pick up power gems and weapon tokens to refill power meter. Weapon tokens change the active bullet style.

Scoring is as follows: Enemies and Powerups are worth a base point value. Score is equal to [base value] x [player level] x [player hp+2]

This game was made for Ludum Dare 39.  Made in GameMaker 1.4, with Aseprite for all graphics and sfxr for all sound effects.

NOTE: Browser version is currently still v1.0b, fixing some web-specific bugs.  For the latest version please download the windows version below.

Patch notes for v1.0c

* settings are now saved to and loaded from a preferences file
* added a global leaderboard!
* added a log in to set a name for the leaderboard
* finally replaced the few remaining placeholder graphics, the hive bullet and the player shield
* updated hive bullets to be much more visible with an animation
* updated player shield to be much flashier and more visible
* fix enemy hit flash to remove graphical artifacts that were appearing in the corners
* updated weapon drop chance to increase per level
* added a quick restart option to the pause screen
* changed weapon power dropoff functions to be gradual, now all weapons have a consistent dropoff in power rather than noticable jumps


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